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Locally owned and operated
since 1983

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Set yourself free!
Tied to your office? Set yourself free with affordable yet State-of-the-Art communications equipment!


State-of-the-Art communications systems without expensive equipment to purchase.  In the past, professional call handling solutions required on-site equipment costing thousands of dollars.  We can provide businesses and small offices with all the features of a $50,000 voice mail system.

Voice Mail
Our user-friendly voice mail can be as basic or as sophisticated as you like.  We can enhance your current phone system, or set up a stand-alone service with its own direct number.  Our state-of-the-art technology is flexible enough to meet your every need and as simple as a touch of a button.

Automated Attendant
We can route callers to any location, phone line, cell phone, pager, or voice mail!   Your callers can be announced, screened, blind transferred, or handled in any manner suitable to your business needs.

  1. Announced - Caller states name and is put on hold while the system calls you and lets you know who is calling.  If you are not in a position to accept the call, it will tell the caller that you are unavailable and switch the caller to voice mail.

  2. Blind transfer - Callers can leave a message after the tone and press a button to be transferred to you without them knowing what number is being dialed - you have up to 5 different transfer numbers that you can program.

Virtual Office - This friendly service replaces live answering services and is specially designed for professionals who are unable to answer their phone but need to maintain constant contact with the public.  Calls are answered immediately and callers are never put on hold.   Instead they are provided with information about your services and are allowed to leave error free confidential messages.  They always have the option of reaching you live.  This service is always friendly, professional and courteous.   It never forgets to page you or call you for emergencies.

Fax Mail - Your personal fax number that receives and stores your confidential faxes.  You can retrieve them from any location - your faxes follow you!

Fax on Demand - Callers can automatically receive information about your company, services, instructions or promotions with the touch of a button.

Never Busy Fax - Eliminates the distracting "busy" signal the caller hears when they try to fax you.  When your fax machine is busy,  your faxes are re-routed to our system and delivered to you as soon as the line frees up!  Great for small offices that use the fax line to surf the net or make calls!

Fax Broadcast - Save money on administration, office supplies and postage while speeding up your communications.  Great for companies who need to get a change or notice out fast!