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Locally owned and operated
since 1983

12436 FM1960 West #110
Houston, TX 77065
(281) 894-8032
(281) 397-4567




Basic service
for as little as
$10 per month
Expanded service
starting at
$15 per month

Your voice mail can work like a personal assistant by:

  • Answering your calls when any of your lines are not answered or when all your phone lines are busy
  • Delivering your new messages to you via pager, cell phone or e-mail
  • Transfer the caller to you live wherever you are and can even screen it so you know who is calling and then can decide whether to take the call or send it back to voice mail to handle at a more convenient time
  • Private mailboxes can be customized with features that will handle calls in the most efficient manner

Special features that professional voice mail can offer:

  • Caller ID on every message
  • Each mailbox can hold 50 new messages and 50 saved messages
  • Messages marked for deletion can be retrieved for up to another 7 days
  • Message notification can alert up to 8 different numbers for emergencies
  • Messages can be forwarded to an unlimited number of e-mail addresses
  • Use your number or our virtual number as your business number