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Features Basic
Your own dedicated number
A menu of options offering the caller the ability to transfer directly to a cell phone or dedicated line of the person they are calling for and then back to individual private mailboxes on a busy or no answer condition.
Each extension mailbox user can choose a message notification feature using their existing cell phone, e-mail address or pager.
5 boxes 10 boxes 10 boxes
Your callers can be transferred directly to a cell phone or any other telephone number specified. You can edit this number as often as necessary throughout the day.
Know who is calling before you take the call so that you have the option to accept the call or redirect them back to voice mail to leave a message for you to return their call at a more convenient time.
This feature can be toggled on or off on each mailbox. This will allow you to have multiple mailboxes calling the same number but will let you know to whom the caller is calling or for which department. You can then answer the call accordingly.
Never miss the chance to return a call to somebody that forgot to leave his or her number or was saying it so fast that you couldn’t understand it.
The time and date stamp can be toggled on, off or can be on demand per your preference.
Message capacity can be increased as necessary to meet your individual needs.
$3 for each additional 25 messages
Your greeting length can be increased if you have more information than 1 minute will allow. Most companies will want to keep this short so the caller doesn’t get tired of listening to too many choices or to too much information.
$1/month for each additional minute
A single telephone number can answer multiple customer calls at the same time.
Record your own music or message that callers will hear while they are on hold during a live transfer to you.
Callers can be transferred back to your mailbox to leave you information or can be transferred to another extension to reach somebody else within your organization.
Listen to a message and with the touch of a button return the call and then be transferred back to voice mail to continue listening to the next message.
$5 / mo $5 / mo $5 / mo
If you don’t need or want a fax machine, you can still have your own personal fax number. Faxes can be delivered to your e-mail address for you to read, delete or file for future review.
$5 / mo $5 / mo $5 / mo
If you already have a dedicated fax number, you can forward this number to us so that your fax machine is never busy for when you want to send something. This also allows you to view faxes before they print so fax blasts and broadcasts can be deleted without wasting your paper.
$10 / mo $5 / mo $5 / mo
Broadcast a message to internal mailboxes. You can set up a single group or have multiple groups.
Your Messenger service allows you to place calls anywhere in the country at significantly discounted rates with no surcharges. With this efficient and economical tool, you can place multiple calls during one phone call.
9.9c/min 9.9c/min 9.9c/min
Messages are sent to your existing e-mail address as attachments. Just click and listen to messages on your computer and never worry about calling in to pick up messages from a phone again unless you want to.
$10 / mo $10 / mo $10 / mo
Make a single message and with the push of a button, send it to all of the personnel within your company. An association or organization that wants to share information with other members on the voice mail system can also utilize this feature.
You can store and update your documents on our system to allow your customers or prospective customers to retrieve them automatically 24 hours a day. Here are some examples of documents: newsletters, price sheets, product information, brochures, sales information or any other information that you find you are frequently asked to fax.
$5 / mo $5 / mo $5 / mo
All your voice mails and faxes can now also be viewed and listened to via the internet. In addition, you can make programming changes to your private mailbox or the system administrator can make changes to any of the mailboxes to make configuration changes or mailbox resets on-the-fly.
$15 / mo $15 / mo $15 / mo
Unified messaging is a powerful and flexible tool of communication where you can retrieve your voice, fax and e-mails from a single interface. Just open your e-mail application and you will have access to all of your messages without going to several different places to check for messages or faxes. Messages can be deleted, stored or forwarded to other individuals instead of calling them or trying to remember to pass the information along to them.
$10 / mo $10 / mo
Have a separate menu for after hours and on holidays that will let the caller know that they can leave you a message to be returned on the next business day but that they will not be able to speak with anybody immediately.
$5 / mo $5 / mo $5 / mo
By using the dial by name directory, your callers will reach you without having to remember your extension number. They can dial the first few letters of the first or last name and then they will hear the nametag of the mailbox that matches their selection. If there is more than one option, the system will prompt them to choose one of the matches. This alleviates you having to give names and extension numbers on your main greeting.
$10 / mo $10 / mo $10 / mo
You can record any music or message that you want callers to hear while they are being transferred to you. Callers can listen to daily specials, sales promotions or company information while they are waiting to connect to you. You can change this information as often as you like without any additional cost.
$5 / mo $5 / mo $5 / mo
Callers are distributed equally to employees on a “round robin” basis, whether employees are in the same office or scatter around the country.
One time setup fee of $50 applies.
$5 / mo $5 / mo $5 / mo
Additional mailboxes can be added to any plan in lots of five. All of your employees can have private mailboxes set up improving the image of the company.
$5 / mo $5 / mo $5 / mo
This allows you to have a separate 800 number to give out as your fax number. Faxes will be conveniently delivered to your e-mail address for easy retrieval.
$10 / mo $10 / mo $10 / mo
WebConnection Personal Internet Control Panel Includes
Check all of your voice messages and faxes from anywhere in the world at any time with any computer that has an internet connection.
As the administrator of your account, you will have access to all of the mailboxes in order to make any personnel changes, resets, adjustments and assign web access plus much more. All notification numbers, follow me numbers and e-mail addresses can be changed via the web.
$15 / mo $15 / mo
A voice mail recording can be used to create an email with the message attached. When this message arrives in your inbox you can then quickly and easily forward it to a single address or to your distribution list. Each recipient can double click the attached recording and listen to it directly on their computer through their media player.
The administrator can view a list of all of the calls and the call volume or individuals can view just their information. Always know how many calls you are handling on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Additional Services
Existing toll free number can be ported over to us to point directly to your account. All future usage charges would then be billed directly through us and no other carrier would be involved.
$30 One time fee $30 One time fee $30 One time fee
IVX provides an amazing service for individuals, companies, organizations and governmental agencies. There is no equipment to be installed and there are no contracts to sign. Each mailbox can be configured numerous ways depending on your needs. Once connected you have access to all of the features of one of the most advanced voice and fax solutions in the world. Our technology allows us to build intelligent and elegant solutions for our customer’s most complicated and specialized needs. We can provide you with a tool that will allow you to be available for your callers without being overworked by your calls.
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Desktop faxing is an e-mail based fax service that is simple and reliable to use. You can send faxes from your home, office, client’s office, hotel or airport. The service is virtual so there is no hardware to purchase or supplies to stock. Don’t waste time printing, sending and resending faxes.
$0.15/pg $0.15/pg $0.15/pg
Front Desk Receptionist without the high cost of salaries, holiday pay, benefits and sick days. You will have your own personal receptionist with a back up receptionist trained to answer your phones and route your calls to your specifications. This service can be utilized just during normal business hours and then revert back to voice mail only after hours or can be 24/7. Never miss an important call again!!!
Starting at $25/month Starting at $25/month Starting at $25/month